William DA SILVA
Web Developer

First paid customer

Written on: Nov 23, 2021 • Last update: Nov 23, 2021

Today was the day I received the first paying customer for SocialSplash. While I was working on my daily job, I check my phone and I see a bunch of Stripe notifications. Most of the time, I don't mind them because they are customer creations notifications. This means, whenever a new user creates a new account on SocialSplash, I create a Stripe customer along with it, and therefore I receive a notification about that.

But this time, I received a new kind of notification I never received before. It was a simple Stripe notification saying someone made a payment of 4,99 euros.

At the moment, it felt weird and at the same time good because I had in front of my eyes the proof that someone was willing to pay for something I made with my own hands.

On the other hand, this also gave me a huge pressure to not stall and make a good service. I was not expecting this to happen with the current state of the platform because, in my opinion, this platform was made with sticks and stones.

With this project, my philosophy was: Build something that works, deploy to production, and set up the payment system in case someone wants to pay for that, knowing it won't happen because the service is not ready.

The platform itself is working. People can make their own templates, generate images from them in seconds without a problem. Although, there are a lot of missing pieces that need to be made.

I don't know yet if the new paid customer is satisfied with its purchase and the subscription will continue or be canceled but I'll keep an eye on it.